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Mission Statement

The American Lebanese Foundation (ALF) is a national not for profit organization, incorporated in the State of Florida, committed to promote the interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese American Community:

1.  ALF supports independence, freedom, democracy, human rights, sovereignty, territorial integrity and economic prosperity in Lebanon, as well as excellent relations with the United States of America.

2.  The ALF will focus on the distinct Lebanese identity within the Arab world and will try to recognize its strengths, challenges, dilemmas, achievements and, most importantly, its potential value to the West, the Arab world and the Middle East.

3.  The ALF is primarily a “think tank” organization that will work to achieve its objectives via intellectual, scientific, literary, charitable, social or educational means having an ultimate goal to see Lebanon return to its true destiny as a lighthouse in the Arab world and a catalyst for a fair and just “Middle East peace process” and for the “dialogue of civilizations”

4.  The ALF is a non partisan, non sectarian organization comprised of volunteers with proven leadership in various fields.  Thus diversity is invited and encouraged and difference of opinion on specific matters is expected.  However, members are united around item number 1.

5.  ALF will work to bridge differences among the expatriate Lebanese and the Lebanese Americans, around at least some of its objectives or initiatives.

6.  The ALF will attempt to communicate and cooperate with other Arab American organizations and will support any peaceful and legal efforts they engage in as long as such efforts do not affect negatively the interests of Lebanon or the United States.  The ALF will not engage in bashing any group or country and believes only in constructive and positive attitudes, activities and relationships.

The ALF calls on all Lebanese around the world and all Lebanese Americans to live up to the responsibilities laid upon them by the difficult and sensitive realities facing the Middle East in the post 9/11 world, for the best interest of Lebanon and the United States.  The ALF also calls on other Arab Americans to always remember their duties towards America while not forgetting the importance of an independent, sovereign and democratic Lebanon to the future of the Arab world and to peace in the Middle East.

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