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Nov 2016

In Support Of A Wave Of Optimism In Lebanon


The Daily Star 11/12/2016


Apr 2016

Lebanon: A Middle East Oasis That Deserves Preservation

NOW. 04/11/2016


May 2015

The Risks of Foreign Policy Dilemmas for the U.S. and Lebanon 05/14/2015


Oct 2014

How smart is US policy in the Middle East? 10/27/2014


May 2014

For Lebanon: Constitutional Amendment and/or better dialogue? 5/25/2014


Jul 2013

Egyptian lessons for Lebanon 7/31/2013


Dec 2012

Lebanon and the value of dialogue 12/23/2012


Jun 2012

Lebanon's current risks and opportunities 6/4/2012


Nov 2011

Lebanon and the Arab Spring 11/21/2011


Feb 2011

Is the Lebanese government crisis inching towards a good solution? 2/2/2011


Jun 2010

Lebanon and the balance between sovereignty and stability 6/8/2010


May 2009

The Lebanese elections and the Middle East geopolotics 5/2/2009


Jan 2009

Lebanon and the role of the Christians in the Middle East 1/19/2009


Jun 2008

The 2008 Presidential Election and the Future of Lebanon 6/22/2008


Feb 2008

Can the Lebanese stalemate be resolved in February 2008? 2/17/2008


Sep 2007

Lebanese leaders should acknowledge their responsibilties 9/8/2007


Jul 2007

In Lebanon, "hope should be kept alive" 7/31/2007


Mar 2007

Is There Any Solution For Lebanonís Chronic Standoff? 3/6/2007


Nov 2006

The Assassination of Pierre Gemayel is a Wake Up Call 11/22/2006


Sep 2006

Are there real winners in the Lebanon war? 9/06/2006


Aug 2006

ALF appeals for urgent, stronger humanitarian support for Lebanon 8/09/2006


Mar 2006

Lebanon needs more realism and patriotism 3/13/2006


Jan 2006



Dec 2005

Lebanon: A victim of its freedom culture

(A salute to Gibran Tueni and all the Lebanese martyrs) 12/31/2005


Sep 2005

ALF commends Lebanon's efforts to initiate new electoral law 9/20/2005


May 2005

Lebanon rebirth imminent

(ALF view of Lebanon's rebirth with necessary reforms) 5/27/2005


May 2005

A great opportunity is slipping away

(A stand against the year 2000 electoral law) 5/12/2005


Mar 2005

In Lebanon time is ripe for more statesmanship

(A call for more decisive and unifying leadership) 3/12/2005


Feb 2005

ALF views Hariri's murder as an attempt to assassinate Lebanon 2/14/2005


Nov 2004

A Lebanese-American perspective on the US elections 11/9/2004


Oct 2004

Would Lebanon Healing Be Given A Chance

(A call for unity towards sovereignty and reforms) 10/17/2004


Sep 2004

ALF Stresses the Risks of the Resolution for Palestinian Implantation

Al Diyar 9/24/2004


Jun 2004

What is the solution for Lebanon's public debt? 6/29/2004           



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