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Tracy Chamoun

Tracy was born in Lebanon on Octeber 28 1960. She speaks three languages, English, French and Arabic. She graduated from the University of London, England, with a degree in Communication and sociology.

Tracy began her career in broadcasting in 1983 when she completed a major study for the Intra- Investment Corporation in Lebanon looking at the feasibility of launching a Middle-Eastern satellite system to provide direct broadcasting television. She then worked as a consultant in London in the area of satellite television and cable. Her clients included various investment banks in the city of London including Kleinwort Benson, Hambros, and Guiness Mahon. She also represented Hughes Communications on their direct broadcast satellite bid in the UK. Her clients featured British Aerospace and Extel the data services company.

In 1988, she was recruited by United Cable as their VP of New Business Development and then became VP of Marketing and Sales for the Discovery Channel Europe, a full documentary service which she helped launch in 1989 into six countries.

In 1990, she came to the United States where she worked at the corporate head office of the Discovery Channel  in the international department. From there, she helped launch Discovery into other territories including Korea, Japan,Venezuela and Canada. Her final job at Discovery was Special Assistant to the Chairman, advising on strategic planning for both The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.

In 1991, Tracy wrote her first book  “Au Nom du Pere” a non-fiction story about growing up in the war and culminating in her immediate family’s assassination. It was published in France in 1991. The book made the French bestseller list, and received two awards, one of them for best non-fiction work in 1992, "The Prix Verite". That same prize had been awarded to Dominic Lapierre for his novel “City of Joy” which was subsequently made into a film starring Patrick Swayze. For two years, Tracy toured France, Belgium, and Switzerland extensively giving television appearances and radio interviews as well as live conferences on the subject of war and the Middle East.

In 1993 to1995, Tracy returned to live in Lebanon where she was involved in the process of the highly politicized murder trial of her family’s assassination.

In 1993, She completed a second book; a novel entitled Amare, published in France. Her novel was on the bestseller list for L’Express.  It has since been revised and expanded from the original version, and has now been published for the first time in the USA.

Amare´, draws on Tracy’s experiences of trauma resolution.  But rather than focusing on any of the political issues surrounding war and violence,  Amare´ finds it’s story in the deep emotional scars that can be created by war. It describes the path to healing that must be taken by those whose lives have been damaged by political violence.

Since the publications of her books, Tracy has been a commentator on peace in the  Middle East, has lectured publicly on the topic in Europe, Lebanon and the United States, and is a strong advocate for tolerance, and coexistence.

Tracy currently lives in Florida, is married, with one child born September 11, 1995. She has been managing and operating a successful yoga studio in Boca Raton where she also  teaches yoga and meditation.

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