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Husni Majzoub, MD

Born 11-21-1932    Sidon ,Lebanon.

MD diploma ,1957 ,from FFM (french faculty of medecine ,Beirut.)

Diploma & trainining for ophtalmology,school   of med ,Paris ,France, 1960

1974 elected ,member of the  the Order of Physicians, and reelected until end of 1990.

1975 Coordinator of the interhospital commitee  in  West Beirut during the civil war (AUH,Makassed, Barbir, and Beirut hospitals )

1975 coordinator with the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) of Geneva for distributing of medical supplies to Lebanon and other programs.

1978-1980  , chief of staff at Makassed General Hospital,Beirut  

1981 member of the board of Hariri Medical center in Kfarfalous ,East of Sidon.

1982  Director of the dept of  Aid and  Relief in the Hariri Foundation .

1985 Cofounder of Middle East Hospital,and chief of staff for two years.

1993-1996 Executive Director, Office of the Lebanese Prime Minister

2000  Moved to to US and now living in Fort Collins Co.

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