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Kabalan Youssif Mouawad

President/Ceo, Cedars Motors

Coral, Florida   


He left his beloved Lebanon with his family at an early age to Venezuela.

The elders forged their financial future while the children completed their studies there. From an early age, Kabalan was always involved in the family business. In 1984 a few years after the demise of his father he decided to move the family to Miami, Florida.  Together with his brother they established Cedars Motors now headquarted in Doral.

As CEO and President he overseas operations dealing primarily with the import-export of luxury automobiles.  Kabalan is also President of Mouawad Enterprises which deals in realestate investments and is now branching out into developement of commercial and multifamily residential projects.


On a personal level he is married and has 2 children.  The family regularly attends Our Lady of Lebanon Church because keeping the family close to his roots and educating them in his culture has always been fundamental. He supports organizations with a proven track record that care about the socio-economic well being of Lebanon, especially itsí children.  Like all Lebanese, he dreams of a lasting peace in his homeland.

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